Established in 1998, Taizhou AOKTAC Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stretch PET automatic blow molding machine, semi-automatic blow molding machine, preform mold, blowing mold and liquid filling equipment.
  • Heating Furnace Concept

    Balanced Heating Core Shaft Technology
    Loading of Hypocotyl Shaft of Cam Control Bottle
    Near Infrared Heating of NIR, Heating Radiation Intensive, Bottle Embryo Heating More Uniform and Optimized
    The heating furnace adopts the fully enclosed reflection channel of infrared ceramic imported from Switzerland. (The heating efficiency is more efficient. Compared with stainless steel reflector, the energy consumption of ceramic reflector is reduced by 10%-30%).
    The chain Book distance of heating furnace is the smallest in 38.1mm industry, and the energy consumption is lower than the previous 50.8mm pitch.
  • Core Shaft Concept

    Balanced Heating Mandrel Technology "National Invention Patent"
    It runs smoothly, has high concentricity of spindle rotation, and does not deviate from the core when rotating. The pitch of bottle embryo chain in heating furnace is only 38.1 mm, with low energy consumption.
  • Three-plate servo clamping (national invention patent)

    Servo motor drives ball screw to drive clamping, bottom die cam linkage to realize rapid clamping and rapid opening
  • Bottle embryo transfer concept

    Fast transverse transfer structure with eyelid bar structure
    Lightweight sealing technology makes sealing more agile
    Continuous embryo division technology (national invention patent)
    Servo stretching realizes precise positioning, which is more conducive to light and chemical bottle forming.
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