Winth great effort of European and Chinese engineering team, We designed one rotary heating&linear blowing technology which most suit for blowing market--TEC BLOW.The compact Design makes machine takes smaller room,and maximum meets Customer’ requirements,controls production cost more efficiently.
Maintenance service
  • Prototyping
    You get a test party of bottle samples before the main mold set production as to perform laboratory tests of samples and get an real impression about the bottle. Prototyping allows to develop PET bottles with required mechanical properties and make comple
  • PET Technologies laboratory provides
    comprehensive PET bottle research, lightweight containers projects development and PET bottle behavior study under various operating conditions, projects feasibility analysis.
  • PET bottle design
    PET Technologies design office provides all range of PET bottle development. We create new design concepts or modify the existing shapes, adapt new designs to the existing filling line.
Taking the after-sales service of products as the mission of the company