Technical Research
Winth great effort of European and Chinese engineering team, We designed one rotary heating&linear blowing technology which most suit for blowing market--TEC BLOW.The compact Design makes machine takes smaller room,and maximum meets Customer’ requirements,controls production cost more efficiently.
Maintenance guide

Maintenance audit is aimed:

to support equipment stable operation;

prevents its breakdowns;

exceeds blow molders life cycle;

eliminates unplanned downtime for adjustments;

provides only scheduled operation of technical services and the company as a whole.

Our technical inspection reduces the costs for equipment maintenance and guarantees high quality bottles production for extended period of time.

Maintenance audit includes following services:

equipment inspection to identify possible breakdowns in future;

spare parts supply;

blow molders adjustment for the needed output and bottle quality;

equipment upgrade and modernization (new developments implementation);

staff training, consulting.

We are at your disposal for any kind of service support!


Taking the after-sales service of products as the mission of the company