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Winth great effort of European and Chinese engineering team, We designed one rotary heating&linear blowing technology which most suit for blowing market--TEC BLOW.The compact Design makes machine takes smaller room,and maximum meets Customer’ requirements,controls production cost more efficiently.
Five Common Problems of Bottle Blower and Their Solutions

1. Feeding level without feeding

Several situations need to be examined:

Is the hopper unexpected? If so, it needs to be fed as soon as possible; no, please check whether the control contactor of the hoist is on power. If the motor is in power state, check whether the motor is in power and load state as soon as possible, because this situation is likely to be blocked by the bottle blank (embryo) lifting belt, then the simplest way is to help lift manually. If the control contactor of the hoist is not in the power-on state, please check the bottle embryo to see if the electric eye is not in the same line as the reflector plate.

2. Feeding old clip feeding tray

This situation is a headache. Experience shows that if the length of the bottle blank (embryo) is longer and the weight of the bottle is larger, then this phenomenon is relatively small.

3. The bottle cannot be removed from the mould after blowing.

First of all, the mould should be opened and closed manually. If it is normal, run it in empty state, if it is normal. Please check your exhaust time settings. If the exhaust setting is normal and the exhaust valve breaks down every time you blow a bottle, it can be judged that it is a problem of the exhaust valve. Open the exhaust valve to check its spring and seal condition (another phenomenon of this failure is that the exhaust sound is relatively loud or the exhaust sound is not clear). If you encounter a lot of mold production normally and occasionally come to this kind of die opening situation, please check whether the locking pin has a section of screw in it, and check whether the clamping force is too large, if too large should be adjusted according to the criteria of ________

4. Bottles are always pinched.

Whether the position of the manipulator is misaligned or not.

5. Two manipulators collide

This situation requires manual reset of the manipulator, which is caused by dislocation.

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